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came up for dinner and to spend the 


                             July 15, 1942

     I met Bill Boyd at 12:15 a.m. at 

Penn Station. (Each time it gets 

better to see him.) We had lunch 

at Rigg's on 33rd Street and 

then traipsed through Macy's 

to buy him a uniform tie.  We 

got home just before four since 

Bill had to go over to his aunt's 

and uncle's wash up and then 

go back into New York to met 

another aunt of his - Aunt Ruth, 

for dinner. 

                             July 16, 1942

    I went to the Day Nursery 

and really had lots of fun.  I 

was worn out, but it's interesting 

work and good experience.  There 

are almost fifty children mostly 

colored to play with, wash, feed, 

put to sleep and various other