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so casual, but somehow after tonight, 

it wasn't exactly that way anymore.

Bill's quite wonderful!

                               July 17, 1942

      Tonight was the night of the 

big triple-date.  Bill Brennan, 

Dave, Bill Boyd, Lygia, Ann and 

I went to see "By Jupiter" starring 

Ray Bolger.  It was a marvelous 

musical and a good time was 

had by all.  After the show we 

went to the Biltmore Roof for 

the ice show and dancing to 

Ray Heatherton's music.  Everyone 

was on his best behaviour and 

an easily awkward situation 

was avoided.

                               July 18, 1942

     Bill and Bill came up to 

see me this afternoon and 

everything was smoothly again.

They're two such fine fellows 

We all decided to triple date