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again and so after a great many 

arrangements, we ended up by 

having dinner on the terrace at 

Ligo's in New Garden and dancing 

until midnight.  Bill Boyd came 

back and stayed for an hour 

and a half.  He broke down and 

cried, telling me about his Dad's 

critical heart condition and all 

the other troubles he has.  I felt 

so doggone sorry for him and hope 

I made him feel somewhat better. 

                                July 19, 1942

     It was terrifically hot 

and Mother, Dad and I just stayed 

around most of the day.  Bill Boyd 

came up around four and talked 

and talked.  We called up his 

Mother in Wilkes-Barre and spoke 

to her for a while.  I was supposed 

to go into New York with him this 

evening but we decided we couldn't 

take it. It was pretty dismal