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saying Goodbye at the house and 

that wasn't as final as a teary 

scene at the station.  I guess I'll 

"sort of miss him."  Oh! Damn war! 

                               July 20, 1942

      Louise and I did our U.S.O. 

work at Forest Park Golf Course, 

but discouragingly only collected 

$3.50.  Natchally we were both rather 

disappointed, but had fun chatting 

in spite of it. 

      Moms and I took Daddy to 

Rencher's etc; and then met Mrs. 

Brennan and Pats at the Hollis 

to see "This Gun for Hire" with 

Veronika Lake and Alan Ladd ([?])

and "The Fleet's In" with Jimmy 

Dorsey and his orchestra (good 


                               July 21, 1942

      Louise, Kay and I went to 

Forest Park again for an ever more 

disappointing time.  It doesn't seem