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having our excitement in a lobster

dinner at the Sea Breeze Restaurant 

in Freeport.  [Tres?] delicious.

                         July 25, 1942

     Bugsie and I went into New York 

to the Roxy to see "This Above All" starring 

Joan Fontaine and Tyrone Power.  It was 

another war drama and was excellent - 

Not so good as "Mrs. Miniver" though.  Afterwards 

we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch, 

loving Chinee food as I do!

     When I came home Joanie and 

Floyd were here and we gabbed for awhile. 

Joanie stayed for supper and most of 

the evening.  She's really an awfully swell 


                                July 26, 1942

     Mother Daddy and I stayed home 

all day, sunning out in the backyard 

and listening to the Brooklyn dodgers 

play baseball. 

      Bussie and I went to the 

Warrick and saw "Broadway" starring