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George Raft and "Private Buckerro," a 

rather putrid picture whose only redeeming 

feature was the appearance of Harry James 

and his orchestra.  Bussie and I had

a grand time together. He had me in 

stitches practically all evening. 

                                   July 27, 1942

     Today we had an awful rain 

storm, so we stayed around most of 

the day.  Flash! . . . - for Victory or 

something - I got a manicure today, 

my first in ages.  I'm stopping 

biting my nails.  At last, I'm developing 

will power.

     Mother and I met Daddy at 

Rencher's and went to Loft's for 

Waffles again. 

     Bill Brennan and Floyd 

each phoned. 

                           July 28, 1942

     Mother and I went to the 

N.Y. Paramount to see "Priorities on 

Parade" and in person, Phill Harris