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and orchestra, Ann Miller and Zero Mostel. 

It as a awfully good show.  We had 

lunch at Toffenetti's and then came 

home in time for me to go to the dentist's. 

Drab thought!

     I got a letter from Bill Boyd!

                                 July 29, 1942

      Tonight was the big night of my 

"heavy date" with Floyd - and oh such 

a time as I had.  He did just 

about everything under the sun in 

just the one evening.  I met him at the 

Hotel Warwick at 5:15 P.M.  We went in 

the Raleigh Room there and had 

cocktails and danced.  It's an 

awfully nice place to go.  From there 

we drove over in a taxi to Paddy's 

for a seafood platter of clams,  

crabmeat, shrimp and half a cold

lobster.  Very good!  Instead of having 

dessert there like normal human 

beings, we walked to Schrafft's for 

ice cream and coffee, before going