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                                   July 31, 1942

     We had a surprise practice blackout 

tonight, and it was really quite scarey 

It made us wonder about the genuine


                                    August 1, 1942

     Mother and I went to Jamaica 

to see "I Married an Angel" starring 

Nelson Eddy and Jeannette MacDonald.

Twas so pathetic that we left before it 

was quite over.  Floyd came up and 

gave a detailed report of the Guild 

Reunion picnic on August 16 - my 

birthday.  It will be divine with 

both Bill Brennan and Floyd out 

on the picnic, and with Bill Boyd 

in North Carolina. 

                                August 2, 1942

     Mother, Daddy, Bugsie and I 

went to Howard Johnson's for dinner 

and came back and played 

bridge.  Floyd came up this evening