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                               Aug. 3, 1942

    Molly Horton came out for the 

day.  She used to go to St. Mary's but 

we hadn't seen each other for two 

years.  She's a swell kid and has 

been singing at the Cafe Pierre and

Stork Club.  We had lunch and 

then went down to the Hollis to 

see "Saboteur."  I'd seen it before with 

Bill Brennan at the Valencia but 

enjoyed it anyho. 

      We met Daddy at Rencher's 

and so forth - 

                               Aug. 4. 1942

     Mother and I went into New 

York to see "Pride of the Yankees' 

and golly it was good.  Gary 

Cooper's portrayal of Lou Gehrig 

was superb and magnificently 


     Bill Boyd's letters have been 

awfully sweet, but today I got 

one with disappointing news. In