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early September, just as I go to Virginia 

he's being sent to Texas.  It means 

an advancement of some sort - I don't 

quite know what yet - so that's all 

that really matters.  He's been 

chosen with one other fellow for the 

divisional training cadre.

                     Aug. 5, 1942

     Ginny Frank and I went to 

Schrafft's for lunch and then saw 

"Holdiay Inn" with Bing Crosby and Fred 

Astaire at the Paramount.  Skinnay Ennis 

[&?] Orchestra and the Ink Spots were 

in person.

     Holly Miller, Kay's roommate, from 

W M, is up visiting her. She was 

suppose to graduate but got spinal 

meningitis and almost died.  She's

a grand girl and it was swell 

to go over to Kay's tonight and 

see her again. 

                            Aug 6, 1942

     The Day Nursery again! And