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again and had sandwiches at Loft's 

      I got a super letter from Bill 

Boyd.  He's really awfully swell. 

                         August 8, 1942

     Kay, Holly, Louise, Bugsie and I 

went to Toffenetti's for lunch and then 

saw "Junior Miss." It was Holly's first 

N.Y. show and we all had a swell 

time. It was a darling play and we 

loved it. 

                               August 9, 1942

     It rained terribly all day 

and so we just stayed home. 

                                 August 10, 1942

     I went in shopping for 

Mother's birthday, buying a housecoat, 

compact, makeup and writing paper 

for her.  I met Bugsie for lunch 

and then met Mother and we went to 

Dr. Wiess! We stopped at the beauty 

parlor and came home. 

                               August 11, 1942

      Nana came and Mother, she and