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I went to the Valencia to see "Cardboard 

Lover" starring Norma Shearer and 

Robert Taylor, and "Maisie Gets Her 

Man" with Ann Sothern.

     Tonight Bugsie, Audrey and I 

went down to Ginnie Frank's to 

play bridge.  Audrey and I were 

partners and we lost - but not too 

disastrously.  The refreshments were 


                         August 12, 1942

    Ginnie and I met Bugsie 

for lunch in the News Tavern, and 

then went to see "Yankee Doodle

Daddy [Dandy]," the movie life of George 

M. Cohan.   It was superb and I 

came out of it feeling so doggone 


     Mums and I met Daddy and 

had sandwiches at Loft's. 

                          August 13, 1942

       Holly came out this afternoon. 

After supper we went to the fortune