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teller's and she told us some amazingly 

true (?) things.  She seemed terribly 

afraid that I would go off and 

elope or something. 

       Bill Brennan came up afterward 

and we all had lots of fun.  He's 

really such a swell fellow.

                       August 14, 1942

     After I gave Pats her Latin lesson 

Mother took Holly, Kay, Louise and me to 

Rumpelmayer's facing Central Park, 

for dinner.  Then we went over to Brooklyn 

to go through Daddy's plant.  It was 

awfully interesting. The crowning point 

of our tour through Davis and Geck 

was a technicolor movie of a thyroidectomy


       Afterwards Mother, Holly and I met 

Daddy again and had dinner at [...iso's?], 

which natually brought back memories. 

We stopped at Heller's on the way home. 

                            August 15, 1942

     Today was Mother's birthday, and