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she seemed pleased with all she got.

Mother, Holly, Bugsie and I had a

Chinese lunch and spent the rest of

the day home.  Ginnie. Pats and

Bussie Davis each came up.  In the

evening Bill and Floyd both

came.  The "competition" was a riot.

Bill was especially nice.  We took Holly

back to Kay's and then Bill & Floyd

stayed a while longer.

                             August 16, 1942

            Today was my birthday and

gosh! one person doesn't deserve to

be so luck and happy as I am.

I got the most marvelous presents: –

a three – piece light blue suit, a brown

dress, a rust jumper and jacket,

a red housecoat, records, $35, a

green evening dress, writing paper,

and sweater, date pad, undies, etc.;

from Mother and Dad; gold blouse

from Nana; [silver?] from Lizzie [she's