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                                    August 17, 1942

            I stayed home and wrote

all my thank-you notes.  Revolutionary for

me to do that just the day after my

birthday!  Mother & I met Daddy

and went to Loft's.

            Bill Brennan phoned me just

before 12:00 P.M. and woke us up.

I talked to him, practically in my

sleep.  Lousie told me today that

Bill Gulick has been accepted at

Lehigh too.  Bill (Brennan) was thrilled

to hear about it.

                                    August 18, 1942

            Mother and I went to the

Fish Grotto for lobster dinners, and

then did some shopping in Jamaica.

            Tonight Bugsie and I went

down to Joanie's to cheer her up.  Her

uncle died last Sunday and the

whole family is in a state of confusion.

Besides that, Joanie's been sick.

            Bill phoned again to make