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                        August 21, 1942

            After I gave Pats her Latin lesson,

Mother and I went to the N.Y. Strand

to see "The Gay Sisters" starring Barbara

Stanwyck.  It was wonderful – a very

different sort of a picture.  Sammy Kaye

and his Orchestra was in person. His

music was as good as ever.  Anyhos, we

enjoyed the show a lot.

            We went to Dr. Weiss' and then

met Daddy, etc.

                        August 22, 1942

            Outside of having a Chinese

luncheon, we didn't do anything exciting.

I managed to catch up on a lot of

things though.  I now don't owe a

single letter.  I also straightened

out some messes for next week.  Aud is

having a bridge party Tuesday night,

but I had already made a date

with Bill to go over to Louise's house.

Wednesday night, Camilla [Goede?] is

having a bridge party, but instead I'm