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going to the movies with Bill, which naturally

makes things rather complicated.

            Rumor has it that Bill Boyd is

having a three – day furlough and

will come up to Hollis.  Gosh, I hope so;

I don't want to count on it though.

                        August 23, 1942

            Another Sunday, and again we

just stayed around.  I started knitting my

sweater again.  I hadn't touched it since

early July.

            Brazil has declared war on

Germany and Italy.

                        August 24, 1942

            Mother, Floyd and I went in to

Radio City to see "Bambi." It was

darling – beautifully done.  The stage

show was good too.

            We had lunch at the Holland

House Tavern in Rockefeller Center.

            Mother and I met Daddy – Went

through the usual routine and