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such a nice guy.

            Bill Brennan and I had had a

date together, but under the circumstances,

we decided not to keep it.  He kept

calling me all day about it and it

sees as if at last we've really

begun to understand each other.

            This evening, Bill Boyd, Bill

Brennan, Dave, [Myette,?] Ann, and I went

to the Kitty Hawk over at LaGuardia

airport for dancing and stuff.  It's

an awfully place.

            Bill Boyd came back and

stayed until 3:30 a.m.  We talked

He's swell and is trying real hard

not to get too serious.

                        August 30, 1942

            Bill Boyd called for me at

10:30 a.m. and we picked up his Mother

and Dad, (up from Wilkes – Barre), Sister,

Aunt, Uncle and Cousin Jackie.  They're

all swell people. I'd never met any of

them before and felt like Exhibit A