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or something.  Bill's cousin Jackie is a

darling, but rather shy of me.  She was

afraid I might have priority over Bill

before her. We all went into Rigg's for

an early dinner and then I saw Bill off

on the 12:50 train. I wandered around

Penn Station, "getting picked up by the

cutest soldiers" until 1:50 when Cary

Hughes and her Mother finally came in.  She is

a grand gal.  She 's staying with us

till her Mother finds an apartment –

her mother's working with the censorship

department now in New York.

            Cary and I got on the Long Island

Railroad and came home.  Mother and

Floyd met us.  We all had dinner

and then Mother, Daddy, Cary, Floyd

and I took turns playing bridge.

            We took Daddy to the station and

afterwards we all caught up on the

[dist?] of the summer's happenings.

More fun!