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this evening, but Dave had to work late, so

Bill and Dave came up.  We played [records?],

talked and stuff till about twelve.  I

get awfully mad at Bill Brennan at times

but he really is a swell fellow.

                        Sept 2, 1942

            We stayed home again.  Nana came, as

did Florence Smith, a friend of hers.  It was

a divine day!  Cary and I went down to

Jamaica to buy presents for Margaret

Doering's birthday.

            Tonight I had a bridge party –

Bugs, Joanie, Camille, Irene, Kay, Mystie

and Ginny Frank came.  Everything seemed

to go all right; and several difficult

situations were avoided. At least there

was no hair pulling or nail-scratching.

                        Sept 3, 1942

            Mother, Cary and I went to Radio

City to see "Talk o f the Town" starring

Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald

Colman.  It was a wonderfully amusing

comedy with an appeal about law at the