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leaving for Lehigh next Wednesday.  I mean,

it's sad to think that this summer is

just about over.

                        Sept. 7, 1942

            Happy Labor Day!  Since it is

our first Labor Day at war, many

speeches and stuff were given.  Pres.

Roosevelt gave a discouraging speech

on wages and the rising cost of

living.  Things are really getting to get

quite terrific!

            Daddy went into the office

at 1:15 and Mother and I met

Cary shortly afterwards.  We talked

all afternoon.  You'd think that

we hadn't seen each other for years.

Tonight Mother, Bugsie, Cary and I

went to the Fish Grotto for another

lobster dinner.

                        Sept. 8, 1942

            Cary and I went into New

York shopping and then met some

awfully nice friends of hers.  We had