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Outside of phone calls, ‘twas a quiet evening

at home.

                        Sept. 13, 1942

            Mother, Daddy, Ginnie, Bugsie and I

Went to Maine Maid for a wonderful lunch.

Ginnie went to Jones Beach and LaGuardia

Airport with the Johnson’s.  I thought I should

Stay home with Mother and Dad though

instead.  Cary was out with Dave and got

his Jamaica High School ring.  Exciting!

Floyd came up this evening at last.

                        Sept. 14, 1942

            Mother, Cary, Ginnie, Aunt Bert Thompson

and I went to the Canadian Club of the

Waldorf Astoria for lunch.  There we met

Three Canadian sailors, one of whom is

distantly related to Aunt Bert – [Armous?]

Weir, Newt Gent, and Jim Tracy.  They is off

the corvette Oakville, just in from sinking

a submarine.  It was awfully interesting

to her them talk.  They were swell

fellows and came home for dinner and

dancing till 2:00 A.M.