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                        Sept. 15, 1942

            Nana came down; Colbie and I

went into N.Y. with Mother to Dr. Weiss’

and for a snack in Schrafft’s.  In the

evening Kay and her Mother and Dad

took Colbie and me to the Diamond

Horseshoe for the show and dinner. It’s

a super nightclub and we had gobs of


                        Sept. 16, 1942

            The last day home!  I had my

hair washed and set at Robert’s and

then went to Jersey with Mother to

see aunts, uncles, cousins and the

like.  Dad came out for a turkey


                        Sept. 17, 1942

            The end of the summer!  A whole

mob of us left for William and Mary on

the 10:30 A. M. train.  We had a tough

job getting all together, but Cary,

Ginnie, Bussie and I had fun

anyhos inspite of the hot journey,