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hectic trip.  It was actually good getting

back and seeing all the kids.  Beth

Mc Clelland and Danny (Arlean Daniels),

my roommates are darling – the perfect

roommate types and it’s just perfect

altogether living in the house.  It’s so

doggone swell you haven’t got a chance

to feel homesick.  I went over to the

dorm to see every body and bumped into

Doris.  Doggone, it’s good to see her again!

                        Sept. 18, 1942

            Such a day I’ve never before

spent.  It was swelteringly hot and we

worked so hard, unpacking, moving things

from the dorms to the house and settling

our room.  We’ve been rewarded though

by a positively darling room.  It’s got

three windows and closets, and pick

and blue wallpaper.  We’ve got a blue rug.

The three beds are lined up side by

side with pick bedspreads on the

outer two beds and a blue spread on

the center one.  An alcove is fixed up with