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bookcase, sewing table, [?] and the like.

We’re really so proud of it!

                        Sept. 19, 1942

            I registered this morning with

Dr. Clark.  My schedule isn’t too bad

although I didn’t get some professors or

times I wanted, it could have been

worse.  I have Sociology MWF at 9:00 with

Blocker; Spanish MWF at 11:00 with [?];

Economics – TTS at 10:00 with Herdingsfield;

English Literature TTS at 11:00 with [?];

Philosophy TT at 8:00 with Miller – plus

Tennis MW 1-3.

            This afternoon we finished our room,

and I saw more people.

            Kay, Louise, Ginnie, Jean Huber and

I went up to the Lodge for supper and

then I helped Lou and Ginny paint

their room.  Messy, but fun!  Cary came

back with me and spent the night.

                        Sept. 20, 1942

            I got up early to take my

Y.W.C.A “little sister” to church. – to