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St. Bede’s for mass.  I was confused and

didn’t quite know what I was doing. –

not having been to a Catholic mass for years!

Betty Evans, my little sis, is real nice.  We

met more kids and had breakfast down-

town at Rexall’s.

            After lunch at the house, we messed

around until 3:00 when the freshmen

girls began their tour of the various

sorority houses.  It was wearying but

fun meeting them all.  At times it was

tough keeping up conversation.

            Cary, Lou, Kay, Colbie and I had

Supper in Rexall’s. 

            I got a swell letter from both Bills

and Floyd,

                        Sept. 21, 1942

            Classes began and I can't believe

it but I'm actually enthusiastic about it. 

I know I'm going to love Sociology -it's

so doggone interesting. Spanish, I imagine

will be a good course, but at this point