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I'm having difficulty in rolling by [r's?].

Lousie and I didn't take tennis because

our rackets haven't come yet.

            About twenty of us went to the

movies to see "Panama Hattie." Ann Sothern was

a scream in it.

            I had supper in the cafeteria

with Lou, Kay, Ginnie, Sue Lamb and Ann

Armitage, before a sorority meeting, where

I was appointed guard – a lowly honor of

arranging the meeting room.  We had a

hour meeting afterwards too.

                        Sept. 22, 1942

            Philosophy, Eco and Eng. Lit. seem

like swell courses too.  I can't get

over my attitude towards studies yet.

We all played around today with

trips to Rexall's and the Wigwam.  I did

study Sociology in the library this afternoon.

                        Sept. 23, 1942

            Sociology and Spanish again, with tennis

in the afternoon.  I'm in the intermediate

group.  We had a Pan-Hellenic meeting