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            This afternoon a gang of KD’s went

Downtown to buy a scale and records, and

fool around.

            After supper, I went over to the

dorm to spend the night with Lou, Kay and

Colbie.  It was good, in a way, to be back in

Barrett; I still like the house though.

We had a feast which was real good.

                        Sept. 26, 1942

            After classes, the afternoon was

taken up in playing bridge and listening

[frantically to reports from the W&M – Navy

game in Annapolis.  Finally we learned we

beat Navy 3-0.  Isn’t that keen!  It seems

almost unbelievable!

            Beth, Lou, Kay, Colber and I went up

to the Lodge for supper.  Then home for a

bull session.

                        Sept. 27, 1942

            Beth and I got up real early to

go to [Corporate?] Communion in Wren Chapel and

then to Canturbury Club breakfast at Bruton

Parish.  It was awfully good.