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            Excitement this afternoon when the football

team came home victorious!

                        Sept. 28, 1942

            After classes and tennis I went

over to see Doris. – I arranged it so that I’m

her “big sister” and can talk to her now.  I

think I cheered he up somewhat – hope I

helped her anyway.

            We had a Woman’s Student Government

meeting, before song practice at the house.

During our sorority meeting, I discovered my

duties as a guard were more complicated,

and I sort of messed things up a bit.

                        Sept. 29, 1942

            Philosophy, Economics, and English Lit.

were all rather confusing and boring – or maybe

I wasn’t in the mood.

            After lunch, we bought Harry James’

“Trumpet Rhapsody” and Frank Sinatra’s

“The Song is You,” both super records.  Then

Beth, Lou and I went to the library.

            Beth and I went with Lou, Colbie and

Kay to the cafeteria.  It was good, but I