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for two hours this afternoon.  It made us feel

real good.

            We had a pep rally and bondfire

for the V.P.I game Saturday.

                        October 2, 1942

            Beth and I had our first philosophy

quiz today and really it wasn’t bad at all.

            Beth, Becky, Kay, Colbie and I went

to see “Between Us Girls” starring Diana

Barrymore.  It was slapstickish, but a riot!

            We went to a Y.W.C.A meeting,

announcing the plans for the year and

then came freshman tribunal.  Poor

little Freshmen with their penalties

for not wearing duc daps and stuff.

                        October 3. 1942

            I didn’t have any classes this

morning because Dr. Herdingsfield went

to New York for the weekend and our

English Books haven’t come yet.

            Ann Ferguson, Beth’s friend from

White Plains is down for the weekend

and seems awfully nice.