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real nice one from Armous Weir, one of those

Canadian sailors.

                        Oct. 4, 1942

            Mini, Holly, Becky, Midge and I got

up to go to communion at Bruton – felt

very noble.

            I studied most all afternoon again,

doing Econ, Spanish, Soc. and English – felt very

noble again.

            Beth, Elaine, and I went to Canturbury

Club meeting.  I felt most religious!

                        Oct. 5, 1942

            Unexciting day: classes with Soc.

test, tennis and sorority meeting.  Nothing


                        Oct. 6, 1942

            I actually studied again this

afternoon; then this evening Cary, Jan and I

went to see “Eagle Squadron.”  It was melodramatic

and quite [stirring?] – good too.

            I got a letter from Bill Boyd and

as he’s never written me before. Yike!

It as real sweet.  I guess he was