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making up for lost time or something.  He’s

out of the hospital at last after 14 days.

                        Oct. 7, 1942

            Exciting news: Helen Jacobs is planning

to enter the WAVES but has to have additional

college credits to become an officer, soooo

she’s teaching college tennis to two classes at 

W&M.  I’m lucky enough to be in one for her

classes and it’s wonderful.  She seems to be

a marvelous person and needless to say, really

knows her tennis.

            Beth and I went over to see Doris and

Muggsee for awhile this afternoon.

            We went to chapel – more religion!

                        Oct. 8, 1942

            I made surgical dressings again and

I enjoy it so much.  Mrs. Pomfret, our new

college president’s wife, supervises our

group and is a darling.  She really is awfully

nice and helps make our work interesting.

            Danny and I went to the cafeteria

with Lou, Kay, Colbie, Cary and Jamie who

is sporting a beautiful pair of Navy Air