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in the yard under a canopy with a view of

the seawall and bay.

            We all had a super day traveling around

and being sentimental (Tied Harvard in football 7-7)

                        Oct. 11, 1942

            Beth, Danny and I decided we needed a

day of rest and so messed around all day –

we didn’t even go outdoors once.  It was fun


                        Oct. 12, 1942

            Williamsburg’s rainy season has descended

upon us and it’s really sloppy.

            After classes and visiting people as [always?]

Cary, Jan, Colbie, Jamie and I went to see

“Iceland.” My! How censorship has [lifted?] and

how Sonja Henie has changed!

            We had a [W.S.C.G.A.?] meeting and our

regular Monday night sorority meeting – made plans

for rushing.

                        Oct. 13, 1942

            A rainy day again! I spent the

night in the form with Lou, Kay and Colbie

they’re such swell kids!