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                        Oct. 18, 1942

            Beth, Elaine and I went to church.

All day I studied and wrote letters with

time out for a walk with Beth & Danny to the

Lodge.  There was a piano concert by Dr. Sly –

rather boring!

                        Oct. 19, 1942

            Classes and personal instruction by

Helen Jacob in tennis – she’s so nice.

            Cary, Jan and I saw “Cairo” with

Jeanette Mac Donald. It was terrible excepting

for some good music.

            We had song practice and sorority


                        Oct. 20, 1942

            The big event of the day was Mother’s

coming down tonight.  Doggone, it’s good to see

here again and I’m real happy about the

whole thing.  She came back to the house with

a chocolate cake and we all talked for ages.

I got a card from Bill Brennan and a letter

from Eddie Damm.

            I had my hair set.