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                        Nov. 9, 1942

            I studied all afternoon trying to

get a bit ahead on my work.  There was a

W.S.C.G.A. and sorority meeting all about

rushing which starts next Monday – the day

my cast comes off!  We all talked till 1:00A.M.

                        Nov. 10, 1942

            I felt noble, spending all afternoon

in the library writing my Soc. paper on

Caste and Class.  It was fun though.

            Then tonight a bunch of us went

to a lecture on Rationing and Price Control

            I got A for my Economics midsemester.

I’m overjoyed! and can’t believe it.  It was

third highest exam mark (94).

                        Nov. 11, 1942

            Daddy came down! He drove over

from a convention in Richmond with Mr. Delaney

who drove us both up to the Lodge, where we

had dinner.  It’s super having him here.

            I played bridge tonight and did

philosophy.  More noble [spirit!?]

            Letters from Bill Boyd, Floyd, Eddie,