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Holly and Bugsie – all nice ones and get well

cards from Mother and Lizzie.

                        Nov. 12, 1942

            After classes Beth and I went up to

the Lodge to be with Daddy.  Cary came up

for dinner too.  We cut an Economics night

class and went to a Foreign Travel Club

meeting instead.  Dr. [M…?] spoke grippingly

about his escape from France at the time

of the Nazi invasion.  God! Some of the stories!

                        Nov. 13, 1942

            Same thing:  classes and the Lodge.  It

was fun though.  Tonight Daddy and I

saw “The War Against Mrs. Hadley” starring

Fay Bainter.  It was quite good but the

exciting part of it was that Mr. and Mrs.

Rockefeller were sitting in the row behind us.

                        Nov. 14, 1942

            Grades came out:  I got a C in

Philosophy, English and Sociology and A in

Economics and Spanish (only A in the class),

giving me a 5.1 average.  I was pretty pleased

but am off Dean’s list temporally.  I hope.