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            Christmas vacation has been announced as

Dec. 17 – Jan 7. (5 days longer than scheduled)

I’m elated!

            Daddy and I ate and fooled around –

met Lou, Kay and Ginnie in the coffee shop.

We saw “Girl Trouble” with Don Ameche

and Joan Bennett – putrid!

            W&M beat V.M.I. 27-6.

                        Nov. 15, 1942

            Beth, Danny, Ginny, Kay and Lou

went up to the Lodge for dinner.  Dad and

I phoned Mother.

            Daddy left on the 3:30 train – Beth &

I saw him off. It sure was swell having him


                        Nov. 16, 1942

            Big day in my life: my cast and

crutches came off and I can walk.  The

[?] of it all!

            Rushing began this evening.  Beth,

Marty and I rushed the town girls in

Rexall’s.  It was lots of fun and of the

nine we saw, we only scratched one.  It’s