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really awfully interesting but tough work.

                        Nov. 17, 1942

            Rushing in the dorms – third floor Barrett

and Chandler.  We’re getting a little tired though.

            Bill Brennan wrote and asked me up to

Lehigh for Thanksgiving weekend.  I don’t think

I’ll be able to go though on account of lack of

traveling facilities.  Doggone, I’d like to go though.

                        Nov. 18, 1942

            From 4-6 and 7-9, the girls came

around to the house.  Scratch meeting afterwards.

No time to write much this week.

                        Nov. 19, 1942

            More house rushing, with playing games

and singing – scratch meeting.  Mother phoned and I

wrote Bill Brennan a special saying I won’t

come up. Sniff! I do want to see him.

                        Nov. 20, 1942

            Still more house – rushing and making

preparations for the big parties Sunday and


                        Nov. 21, 1942

            A “free” day – after classes we did