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planning and shopping and then went to a terrific

football game with Carolina Pre-Flight.  It was

a super game and hard-fought till the last

quarter when Pre-Flight made two touchdowns.  Our

boys were too exhausted to fight back.  Pre-Flight

had professionals, All-Americans, etc.

            We decorated till two A.M.

                        Nov. 22, 1942

            We wore ourselves out until two P.M. when

our Candyland Party began.  One room was decorated

as Candy Cane Room; another was Gingerbread Castle

with a witch and Hansel and Gretel; and the

dining room was the land of milk and honey.

Refreshments were gingerbread and vanilla ice cream

punch.  It was lots of fun; but I can’t take

much more of it.

                        Nov. 23, 1942

            We really worked like dogs today for our

Hotel Premiere party.  I did everything from

building dressing tables to making hors d’oeures

with a lot of things in between.  One room was

just a lounge, another a French cafe, Mrs. B’s

bedroom, a powder room and the other a Starlit