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Bar.  It was all very impressive I thought.

Refreshments were hors d’oeures and mock champagne


            Now It’s all over – till Wednesday when we

find out what girls will pledge.  Only 96 girls are

gong sorority this year so I don’t know how many

KD will get.

                        Nov. 24, 1942

            At last we can rest and begin to get caught

up on our work.  I even changed the bedding on

the bed!

            I got an awfully nice letter from Bill

Brennan – not exactly the carburetor type for a change

and a nice on from Bill Boyd (my second this

week) He’s going home this weekend through Richmond

and wants me to meet him there between trains.  It

would be sort of stupid though since there’d be

only about 15 minutes to see each other.

            Beth, Mimi, Holly and I went to see

“Springtime in the Rockies” in Technicolor with

Betty Grable, John Payne, Carmen Miranda and

Harry James and his orchestra.  It was good as

a first fling after that rushing glop.