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            Tonight was Second Degree pledging for

Louise, Janet (Staibner) and Sheila Keene – only two

more weeks and they’ll be initiated.  They’re so

excited and we’re so happy for them

            I got another letter from Bill Brennan

asking me to go down to Lehigh from New York.

I get home the seventeenth and his school

isn’t over till the 23rd, so maybe I could

see him the weekend of the nineteenth, although

it seems silly for me to be looking forward to

being home so very much and then to leave

almost as soon as I get there.

                        December 1, 1942

            Janet Hilton, one of our new pledges,

Lousie, Kay, Ginnie and I went to see “For

Me and My Gal” with Judy Garland.  It was

awfully sobby, but good.

                        December 2, 1942

            We had a scavenger hunt, for which I

had my first blind date ever.  It was with Bill

Ditto, president of the Sigma Pi’s.  He’s awfully

nice and gobs of fun.  He and I raced around

and were the first couple back but cause I’d