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home over Thanksgiving.  Nice letter!

            Tonight a gang of us went to the

play “Male Animal.” The plot was a riot and it was

well directed and acted too.

                        December 5, 1942

            This afternoon, we took our little sisters

to the movies.  Pat Lavery is my little sister and I

loves her good.  (It seems so odd for me to be

advising people instead of merely standing wide-

eyed as I usually do.)  We saw “Road to Morocco”

a typical Bing Crosby – Bob Hope affair and

awfully funny – dreamy music too.

            Tonight Kay, Lou, Ginny, Martha [Whiteman?],

Bookie and I went to the Lodge as usual.

            Cary’s got appendicitis and feels awful.

She’ll probably go home early next week and

may have her appendix taken out.  She’s taking it

all beautifully too.

            I got 86 on my sociology test (a B at

long last) and D+ & B on philosophy quizes

yesterday.  The D+ was on the gem last week,

which Beth and I almost completely missed. Not

so bad then considering.