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                        Dec. 6, 1942

            We spent a lazy Sunday morning complete

with late – sleeping and reading the funnies.  Then

for dinner President Pomfret and his wife came.  It

was a good meal and interesting eating with a

college president.  They’re wonderful people and

lots of fun.  Studied, went to the Wigwam & fooled rest of day.

                        Dec. 7, 1942

            I found I got 96 instead of 86 on my Sociology

test – highest mark in class only Dr. Blocker wouldn’t

change it.

            I renewed acquaintances the afternoon with

Dossie and Muggy and in Barrett – people I hadn’t

been able to see on account of rushing and stuff.

            Song practice and sorority meeting

                        Dec. 8, 1942

            Mrs. Hughes came down to take Cary and

her appendicitis home today.  It was nice having

her down.  She, Cary, Jan and I went up to the

Lodge for a yummy dinner – London Broil.  We chewed

the rag for awhile and then Cary packed.

            Mother phoned to tell me I can cut and

go home next Wednesday – oh the bliss of it all!