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            At 1:00 A.M. the phone rang and it was Bill

Boyd phoning from Richmond.  I was too sleepy to

listen coherently but the general jist of the conversation

was that he’s got a furlough now and was on his

way home to Wilkes-Barre.  I get home the 16th

and he doesn’t have to be back in Bragg till the 18th

so I’ll see him a little bit in New York.  This is

going to be a lulu of a vacation, no?

                        Dec. 9, 1942

            After Sociology, I dashed to the station

to see Cary and her mother off.  Tonight we went

to chapel and then to the intramural Song contest

KΔ came in fifth – Tri-Delt worn.  It was a ghastly,

wearing, voice – straining affair but fun of a sort.

                        Dec. 10, 1942

            I had the best time this afternoon!

Pat Lavery lives in a Restoration house in Williamsburg

and I went to her house for the afternoon.  Her

Mother is super and her brother and sister are

awfully nice.  We made hot chocolate and had a

comfy day – so much fun.  They expected me to stay for

dinner for even my place was set at the table, but I

had to go to a  Foreign Travel Club meeting and so