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            I addressed Christmas cards and wrapped

packages and then went to the Lodge with Pat, Lou,

Kay and Colbie.  I spent the night in the dorm

with Jan and visited around.

                        Dec. 13, 1942

            Beth, Dannie and I went to Bruton

and then with Holly, Mimi Becky, Midge we

went to the Wigwam.

            I took Dossie’s birthday present to her and

we chitchatted.

            We had a big Christmas party after going to

the Glee Club concert.

                        Dec. 14, 1942

            Tonight was initiation.  Everything ran

smoothly too.  Louise, Jan and Sheila spent

the night at the house.  The fraternities

serenaded with Christmas carols and the like.

                        Dec. 15, 1942

            I whizzed around saying goodbye

to people and wishing everyone the traditional

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.  We went

to the Christmas service in the chapel, which

was really awfully good