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                        Dec. 16, 1942

            Joyful day: vacation began!  Mimi Boone

and I went home so far as Washington together

and then I went on alone.  It isn’t a hectic trip –

the chief excitement coming when I thought I’d

lost my wallet and couldn’t pay for my dinner.

            Mother and Daddy met me at Penn Station –

and it was so good to be home.  We had a

bite to eat at the Savarin and then went to Hollis.

Bill Boyd and Dave were there and Bugsie

came up later.  Gee it was swell.

                        Dec. 17, 1942

            It was a rainy nasty day.  Bill phoned

as did Floyd.  In the evening I met Bill at

the Taft.  We went on to see “Let’s Face It.”

I’d seen it before with Bill Brennan, but

enjoyed the second showing as well.  Afterwards

we went to the Astor Roof where Jan [Savitt?]

and his orchestra are playing.  It was a real

nice evening, but Bill was in a scrappy mood

and I was anything but cooperative.

                        Dec. 18, 1942

            Bill Brennan phoned me from Bethlehem