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with definite plans for next weekend.

            Mother and I had Chinese dinner and

then I played around in the snow for awhile.

Bill Boyd came up and we warmed up a bit.

            Tonight Mother, Daddy, Bill and I had

dinner and [danced?] in the Bermudiana Room

of the St. George.  It was fun, and Bill

and I are all straightened out again.  I

hope we really understand each other this

time.  He gave me my Christmas present in

advance; it’s a lush gold pen in the shape

of a bow with a large blue sapphire at the

center.  I’m thrilled with it.

                        Dec. 19, 1942

            I got up in time to take the 7:55 A.M.

train to Bethlehem and then started the best

old weekend ever.  Bill met me and took me to

the Hotel.  We fooled around, had lunch in

the dining room and then walked all around

Lehigh’s campus.  I went up to the dorm and

met a lot of his friends.  In the evening after

supper we saw “The Moon is Down.” a play put

on by the college players.  It was awfully well done.