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We tried to get in several places to dance but

everything was too crowded.  It was freezing out,

so we went back to the Hotel.  Bill’s awfully swell.

                        Dec. 20, 1942

            I slept this morning – Bill phoned twice,

but didn’t come down to the Hotel till

12:30.  We had dinner and then walked and

talked more.  Looking back on it, it was

sort of an uneventful trip, but I said the

weekend was perfect and Bill said it was

ideal.  It was all of that.  We had supper and

then we flew around to get me on the train.

Gosh! It was all wonderful.

            Mother, Daddy and Liz met me at Penn

Station.  We whizzed by the Hettler’s where the

remains of Christmas caroling was going on.

We gabbed and chatted.  Oh, goll-ee, what a

vacation as this one is.

                        Dec. 21, 1942

            At Mother’s and Daddy’s orders, I

recuperated today.  Mother and I met Dad for

dinner.  Daddy’s so thrilled – he’s been notified

that Davis and Geck has been awarded the Army,