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and hung stockings.  Even though is isn’t a

white Christmas in any way, still everyone is doing

his best to make it as good as possible

                        Dec. 25, 1942

            Such a wonderful Christmas!  I am

terrifically lucky.  Mother and Dad gave me a $500

war bond, a stupendous Dorothy Gray fitted

overnight bag, a blue gabardine dress, a brunch

coat, monogrammed sweater, undies, books, records,

$45 in nickels, guest towels, and so many other

swell things.  Lizzie gave me silver and an adorable

large colored doll for my bed (I love her good)

            Mother, Daddy and I went visiting.  We

stopped at Hettler’s first.  They gave me a little

kit, an eyelash curler and candy (Neat!).  Then we

went to Brennan’s and I talked with Bill

and Pat.  Bill gave me a super album of Gershwin

records, and Pat, a necklace.  Finally we went to

Hogans for more wine and chitchat.  Joanie gave me a

blue sweater and knit me darling socks.

            We had dinner (turkey) and then people

came pouring in.  It really was fun.  Bill came

up and then Floyd (he gave me two lush