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I told him; sooo Floyd phoned Bill and surprised him

by telling of our “date.”  Bill covered me up, but is

also involved in a phase of it with Lygia and is

going to end up gong with her.  Lordy, how involved!

                        Dec. 28, 1942

            I went to Robert’s for a permanent –

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition: my hair’ll

be straight no longer.  Mother and I dashed

around and met Daddy for a bite to eat.

                        Dec. 29, 1942

Beth, Danny, Cary, Carolyn Harley, Muggy

Pratt, Elaine and I met at Lord & Taylor’s.

We had lunch in a darling place, “The Nantucket,”

and then went to see “Arabian Nights” with

Maria Montez (mmmm!)  We had such fun!

            I met Mother and she, Lizzie and I

went to the Fish Grotto for lobster dinner.  Lush!

            Tonight was the Guild reunion.  It

was rather confoosing cause both Bill and Floyd

were going to call for me.  By pulling some

strings though.  I went with Bill.  It was

lots of fun and I loved it.  We just danced

and played games, but I met a lot of people.